Ville de Montréal

While the Mayor has pledged his dedication to the project, please continue to let the Mayor know that you support this important Cultural Green Space around the Black Rock.

People who have sent an e-mail to the Mayor in support of the project have been receiving positive responses back from the City.

Just some of the key points of the efforts to build this Cultural Green space include:

  1. Honor the 6000+ Irish Immigrants that died and were buried in the area in 1847.
  2. Honor the Montrealers, including John Mills, the Mayor at the time, that went to provide aid and comfort, caught the Typhus and died.
  3. Honor the many French Canadian families that took in so many orphans from this tragedy.
  4. Mention that the area was a First Notions hunting and meeting place before the arrival of the Europeans.
  5. A mention that the area is in Griffintown; and also on the site of Goose Village that was completely destroyed for Expo 67.
  6. That we would like to include a sports field for Irish sports like hurling etc.
  7. We would like the site to include a museum; theatre; and meeting place for various organizations etc.
  8. That a nice Green space would be a much better entry way to Montreal from the Victoria Bridge.
  9. That Green space is needed in the area as Griffintown develops.
  10. This space could easily be part of the effort to open Montreal, once again, to the St. Lawrence River and, for example, be part of a continuous Bike path around the Island.

You could send an e-mail to the Mayor at the following link.…


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